Club info

Club info

Welcome to the Giraffes club


The RCN aims to promote tourist camping in an international context. Under the motto ‘Camping Without Borders’, the club propagates the visit to camping rally’s in Europe and beyond. In this way the RCN stimulates the international tourist exchange and the contacts between the campers of various clubs and nationalities. The RCN wants to camp with each other in freedom and friendship without any club or country boundaries being an obstacle to this. The choice of camping equipment is also free. Every real camper with tent, tent trailer, caravan or camper is most welcome. The RCN was founded on January 28, 1989.

Non-profit association

The RCN has been registered in the register of associations at the Chamber of Commerce since 1989 under number V 481294. A copy of the articles of association is available for members on request. Because it is not the intention to make a profit, all sorts of activities can be arranged for cost price.

What are rallies?

Rallies are not a speed test, but a meeting week or weekend. The word ‘rally’ does not mean a skill or speed test. Rallies are friendly encounters between campers from all corners of the world.

Promote international contacts

The RCN promotes contacts between campers at home and abroad. this allows members to participate in a club in rallies, which organize camp clubs within and outside our national borders, among other things by publishing and announcing through a rally calendar.
In order to be able to do something in return for the hospitable reception at foreign sister clubs, the RCN organizes an international meeting weekend in the Netherlands once or twice a year. The small-scale nature of the RCN offers many opportunities for personal contact.

Why a giraffe?

The giraffe is symbolic of friendship and contact in Chinese and Arab cultures. Furthermore, the animal moves – just like we do with our camping equipment – by an average of 50 km / h. A giraffe can look far and fearlessly puts his neck out. With seven cervical vertebrae, just like us. A giraffe is recognizable from afar. And to all these agreements with our campers we chose the giraffe as our identification sign.
The giraffe. stands for:
The atmosphere in the Giraffes club is small and very cozy. Guests and new members are included as old acquaintances. People must feel welcome with us, without all kinds of rules and obligations involved. Participants in our Rallies are happy to come back.


To keep members and visitors informed of activities, of invitations from sister clubs and of our own rallies, we have our website:; and our Newsletter, which provides urgent information from, for and about members by e-mail to the members. If you do not have an e-mail, the Newsletter will be sent to you by post.


The Rally Club Nederland organizes a rally several times a year. Ideas and organization are in the hands of volunteers from the club. Our rallies are open and accessible to members, introducés and of course also to the members of camping clubs in the countries around us, where we visit ourselves.
The club participates in international consultative bodies, where our rallies and those of other clubs are coordinated. Our rallies also appear in the club magazines of friendly camping clubs in the countries around us.


Members of the Rally Club Netherlands do not have to get bored. Throughout the year there are rallies and activities, where they are welcome or they organize themselves. An active attitude of members and management is self-evident. The pleasant thing is that we can use all kinds of talents: knowledge and experience with traveling, organizing and executing all sorts of ‘jobs’ during our rallies, baking cakes and coffee making, guiding outdoor games or excursions …
And of course administrative and administrative talent to keep our club ‘floating’ and ‘on steam’.


Every year the Rally Club holds a New Year’s meeting in January. Spontaneous parties arise at every Rally. There are 2 member meetings per year, where you can always camp.
RCN camps throughout the year
Depending on the camping equipment and the weather conditions, you can camp individually or in a club during the whole year, if possible.